Getting Started

Welcome to the getting started page!

The adventure I have planned will take place in all three tiers of D&D 4e. Youll be starting as 1st level characters hoping for a chance of freedom, dealing with issues very personal to yourselves and then arch into movers and shakers of this continent involving yourselves in politics and the issues of Eledor, resolving and creating issues all your own. You’ll then transend the lands of Kings and Queens and move on to the battlefields of the Gods. The problems of the world (Fayadwin) are not simply tied to the creatures of this world and their greed, no – the roots of the problems run much deeper into her long history.

For now though, let’s focus on what I have planned for your initial adventures. I have a simple plot laid out that can be approached from many different angles so I’d like to give it more detail using your thoughts and creations. We’re going to be spending our initial time with no equipment so don’t even bother adding money, armor, or weapons to your character. You have in your equipment just a basic set of prisoner’s clothing and some shackles. No keys, either. The majority of the adventure is going to be on the mainland but is going to start on islands. At first you’ll be dealing with wicked necromancers, dangerous pirates, and crooked guards.

As for the flavor of the adventure I’m going for this time around is high fantasy, high paced gameplay. You can expect to be diving out of exploding buildings, running down long cooridors from massive indiana-jones style bolders, and sweeping across the land on dragonback. I want a lot of story, a lot of NPC’s this time around. I’m going to try and gather up portraits for most major NPCs and the like to help keep everything straight because we all know I can actually only do like… three accents.

Character Requirements

  • Create a 1st level character using this page. and the Character Creation Rules. Once you’re done copy the HTML in the top left of the page and paste it in the ‘crunch’ section of your character’s web page.
  • Create a short history, don’t get overly detailed and leave yourself room for some ‘reveal’ moments to other characters. Remember, rarely in a television show or movie do you know everything about a character’s history right from the start.
  • Create several NPCs associated with this character. These need to be characters that can have an impact on the story. You don’t need to get crazy if you don’t want to, just some names what they do and how they’re acquainted with you.
  • Create a character description. If you could find a portrait that would be great.
  • Create some personality quirks, take a look at some of the other RPGs we’ve toyed with and steal those if you’d like. A lesson I’ve learned is that a character’s weaknesses and oddities that really make them stand out.

Character Journals

I am not making it mandatory that everyone keeps a journal for their character. I would however greatly appreciate if you updated the adventure log with some in character perceptions of the goings on. As a rule of thumb, anything written in character should be written on parchment. To do this just edit the journal entry, copy the entry’s text and html code, paste it in a new journal entry and overwrite the text between the html tags.

Getting Started