1-Revince Island-Goblin Natives

Tucked neatly into the northern side of a small hill is a collection of straw huts. A massive bonfire is lit causing the entire side of the hill to light up bright. A strong wind blows and embers float over the small village giving better light to the Goblins scattered throughout.

As the players approach read:

A better look at these goblins reveals they are quite different than their mainland counterparts. They are all a good bit more plump, and the only weapons carried are simple looking spears. All of them are dressed head to toe in brightly colored feathers matching those of the birds indigenous to this island.

About 40 or 50 goblins live here, however only 10 of them are actually combat capable. These goblins have made a living for themselves on this island for ages. How long exactly cannot be determined as their history is only passed down by word. Either way, they’re very different from their mainland counterparts in that they are actually quite peaceful and any approach from the players will be met with a happy greeting.

Grogen – The village Chief Ikat – The village witch doctor

The Goblins Know
  • There are icy waters at the delta East of here.
  • An extremely powerful Hag lives on the other side of the island
  • They are regularly visited by pirates who are friendly and give them a ton of stuff with the symbol of Galea on them.
  • Watch out for the caves on the southern peninsula of the island, it contains dangerous creatures.

1-Revince Island-Goblin Natives