Session 1 - The Deadly Rain


As I awoke in this tight leaky stable I look around to see the filth piled around us. The sick now number four. I have tried to keep everyone as clean as possible, but with the sickness spreading the others and I had to come to a conclusion to save sick. We spoke with the librarian Meadows who recommended we go to the herbalist at the edge of the city.

A healer, a warrior, and myself headed across the undead filled city to find a cure for the ill and to bring back supplies. We had learned from the captive (Chambers I believe his name was) that there was a well stocked warehouse of supplies that could prolong the groups survival as we were running out of nearby food and safe water. We dodged undead and necrotic rain as we hurried toward the warehouse – however we found a couple in peril on the way.

A half-elf’s son had been turned into a ghoul by the rain and brought other zombies back home with him to attack his parents. We defeated the undead and recommend that he and his wife go to the warehouse once we cleared it out.

Upon arrival at the warehouse we acquired food, water, and shields (for protection from the rain). As we continued towards the herbalist we realized we were running out of time and dodged into a local merchant shop. The owner promptly pointed his bow at us upon entry. We informed them of our mission, as well as the warehouse because they too were running out of supplies it seemed.

As we waited out the rain with Raylon and his crew we learned a bit of their plight. He had also told us of a shop neighboring the herbalist which would allow us to enter the store from the roof as it had a huge beast guarding the door. As the rain began to taper off we had to part ways and immediately headed to the herbalist.

When we neared we heard the rumble of the beasts fists against the herbalist shop door. We hastened as we feared the shop may not be able to survive further abuse and decided the roof access Raylon had mentioned may help us avoid confrontation with the beast.

Once we found ourselves upon the roof we found the herbalist there too crying for help to protect her shop. We told her of the sick, and in exchange for our protection she told us what herb we needed and offered a few potions and magical trinkets as payment.

We slipped into the shop and began searching for the herb but were promptly ambushed by two who lept through the windows. As the fight carried on the sturdy dwarf decided it best to make sure the huge zombie outside couldn’t break through. Using his thick stout legs and great constitution he held the door fast long enough for us to defeat the intruders and secure the herbs. Despite his mighty attempts the beast ripped the door off of it’s hinges and attempted to charge forward. His steps were cut short by the dwarf, and a mighty blow from myself rendered the undead incapacitated. All that was left was to return the medicine and supplies to the sick before the rain began again.

~Signed Lady Dalia Mistcourt

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