The lands Eledor are in turmoil. Drow have risen from the Underdark and have taken the Elven forest of Etstvale. What’s worse is rather than retreating back into the caverns they have instead shrouded the lands in perpetual night with powerful magic.

Orcs here are a force to be reckoned with. Having taken the Pikeman Mountains in the center of the land hundreds of years ago they pushed the dwarved out of their ancient home. These green blooded tyrants now have a permanent stronghold on the continent, unchallenged by their humanoid neighbors. Unsatisfied however, the Orcs intend to expand again against it’s ill-prepared and quarreling neighbors.

Two of the largest kingdoms – Varden, and Galea – are at war that spans the entirety of the continent. Caught in the crossfire between them the small kingdom of Draegnen is in the middle acting as their battlefield. In the meantime rebellious turncoats – tired of war – have chosen to begin a rise against their fellow Vardenians in the midst of the chaos, threatening the collapse of the continent’s largest kingdom.

You have had rotten luck as of late. Caught up in the war for reasons all your own – you are captive and being taken prisoner to the island Galean fortress of Tardona where no man is known to return. It seems while the rest of the world is going through massive changes where kings are becoming peasants and thieves becoming tyrants, youll be sitting in a dank cell begging rats for news of the world.


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